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I have been a manager at Pizza Hut, Papa Johns , and now Wing Zone – More people come in here with the “Locals Card” than any thing I have ever seen at any of the other stores.” – Manager at Wing Zone.


We have so many people using the “Locals Card” it’s great .” - Adam Owner-  Mesquite Charlies


I have a contract with a marketing company that handles all my advertising. I had to call the President and make him add the ToDo program to my media buys – and its been a great decision – people come in all the time saying they saw us on your website.” - Jeff – Owner of 6 Vannoys Tires


We love you guys – People bring these cards in all the time.” Matt – @ Hooters


You guys do way more than people think – Your system is easy to follow and it works.”- Corey, Business Owner


What a great program – Common Sense and the internet – The ToDo Program is the future of adverting for local small businesses.”  – SEO Coach and Public Speaker.